Monday, March 29, 2010

We Don't Always Post the Comic Preview Pages

...but these seem particularly intriguing. Spoilers below for the Buffy issue out next Wednesday, April 7th! Click below to enlarge:

See? Ooooh, with the drama and the funny and the worried and the confusion. Things are not going to go well, my people. Not well at all.

Courtesy of Newsarama.

Here's sneak peak into what we thought:

Michelle: So Willow is just guessing about what Giles know, right?
Tara: I'm not sure, but it seems as if she's just talking about feeling an energy in the air, right?
Bitsy: I assumed that Willow has known since the end of the last issue tanks to the power of ZOMG magic.

Michelle: Is the Rorchach inkblot supposed to represent Buffy and Angel kissing?
Tara: I thought the same thing!
Bitsy: I wonder if it's supposed to be a test for the fans. Some people see Buffy and Angel kissing while others see their worst nightmares come to life while I sit in a plush chair in front of a fireplace, sipping chianti and laughing maniacally.

Michelle: Why are Warren and Andrew still here? Their stupid fight gave me a flashback to the annoying-ness of their stupid fights in Season 6.
Tara: Agree! Actually, as soon as I saw Warren walk in with his stupid skinless self I was like WTF is he even doing in this whole season! UGH! Wish he wins the tourney!
Bitsy: I think that Warren and Andrew are comic book nerds and that this book is written and edited by comic book nerds so it's not surprising seeing them take up some of the stage. I found it pretty amusing myself and you know how I feel about those two.

Michelle: Love "Ben is Glory."
Tara: Love
Bitsy: Love Angel Music Baby - the solo album by Gwen Stefani.

Michelle: Xander's "Angel is a douche and I am inferior" complex is boiling up in this preview.
Tara: He is SUCH a douche! Although I did chuckle a little when he said "Willow do a spell!"
Bitsy: I guess I'm a citizen of douche city because I totally got where he was coming from. If I were Xander, I'd probably be on full offensive.

Michelle: Willow's line "With these two being apart as long as they have" reminds me of Cordelia's comment about them in "I Will Remember You"
Tara: This is the one thing that actually annoyed me, though. They haven't been apart that long (1.5 yrs plus how ever long S.8 has been) and they weren't all like this during "Forever" or "End of Days" so WTF?
Bitsy: I thought the Comics take place like two years after the tv finale? It's been a while, I think and, plus, some stuff has happened in season eight. Like lots and lots of stuff. Conclusion? Stuff.

Michelle: Is that drawing of Buffy and Angel from the past or now? They look young (and the drawing of Angel is horrible)
Tara: Agree that the Angel drawing is terrible...thought the same thing.
Bitsy: It does look really off. I think Georges is still struggling with drawing Angel.

Michelle: I love Buffy's voice over and how it coincides/juxtaposes with what's happening in the story. So creepy.
Tara: Totally, it's so dark and moody and she's so happy and the whole thing is whacked out in a great way!
Bitsy: It's the side of Buffy I've been hoping to see, the side of her that's just had enough and will embrace a chance at happiness even if it means pain for everyone later. Can't say I blame her.


Anonymous said...

I do not like the current story arc and it looks like it will stay that way for me. I very much did not like the way the writers tried to cover for the whole Angel-in-hell-in-his-own-comic thing. One sentence does not an explanation make.

I never thought I'd say this, but Buffy is getting tiresome. It's not even remotely real-ish any more.

Nat said...

Ben is Glory?!