Sunday, March 7, 2010

Julie Benz Installs Home Stripper Pole

Not sure how I missed this random tidbit, but Kendra Wilkinson (that's former Hugh Hefner girlfriend/Girl Next Door) sent our Darla a stripper pole! WTF? Julie tells OK Mag:

“I wanted a stripper pole and I tweeted about it and then Kendra Wilkinson, who is coming out with her own line of poles, sent me one so I got lucky. She even signed it. It’s called a Sport Pole. I love it! It’s such a great workout.”

Julie is currently happily playing a stripper/lesbian on Desperate Housewives.

“When I found out that it was a lesbian role, I though that it was even better because I have never done that!”

Okey dokey...and there you have it!

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Michelle said...

There's a line of stripper poles?

Anonymous said...

Michelle- That was my thought exactly.

Roxie said...

Honestly, she makes the show 20x better.

Unknown said...

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