Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Madness Whedonverse Character Tourney Pt 3 - The Worst of the Lot

If you're just discovering this now, you're just in time to join the fun of March Madness - Part 3 of Round 1. We've changed things up this year and are trying to find find the opposite of our usual...specifically, who is the most hated character of the entire Whedonverse, i.e., The Worst of the Lot. We've been giving out randomized pairings of characters from Joss Whedon shows: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible and will be for the rest of the month. If the character sucks in your eyes, vote for them.

In part 3, we found out that the following people have been saved from fandom hatred:

-Dr Horrible (of course, he's way more loved than Halfrek)
-Ethan Rayne
-Willow (but shockingly she did get 21 votes against Cassie Newton!)
-Doc barely made it, but he did. Apparently Jesse is more hated.
-River is loved only slightly more than Illyria. So River is safe but I think Illyria will only last another round...especially since she's against Whistler, who apparently everyone hates (see below).
-Caleb is also safe! I'm surprised people hate Whistler, a voice of the PTB, more than Caleb! Scandal!
-Principal Wood, in the closest match of the round, is more loved than Moist by just a few votes. Poor Moist.
-Mr. Trick
-The Judge (of all people!)
-Victor beat Echo for the fan's love
-Anya is safe, Penny is more hated!!
-Quentin Travers
-and finally, Dracula...who prolly wouldn't have been saved if he wasn't against The Beast.

Next up is part 3 of round 1 and has 16 matches below. It will end in 72 hrs - March 9th at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. Check out the opponents below and if you're playing, make sure to click the name you DISLIKE. Remember, we're trying to find the worst of the lot if you hate them, click away.

Click here to view the full Tournament Bracket, now updated with the winners of Parts 1 and 2 of Round 1.


Otto said...

Can my vote against Jasmine count by x1000? I just hate her with all my guts

arranee said...

Some of these were really hard...but only because I really wanted to vote for both characters in some pairings ^^
Jasmine and the Oracles are both annoying, so are Justine and Glory's Minions, Parker and Luke, Linwood and Kate...but I hate Kate slightly more


love the polls :)
great blog too!

Scar said...

The annointed one vs Angel? I hate them both!

Kaaren said...

I must have blocked Nina Ash from my brain. I could not remember who the hell she was; had to Google.

Michelle said...

Some tough choices, but mostly easy.

Adam - My hate for Season 4 shines through again.

Rack - Like Victor, Sierra made Dollhouse tolerable to watch.

Sahjan - Who cares.

Ballard - Unlike Victor and Sierra, Ballard was not tolerable. Liked him in BSG, though!

Jasmine - This was a hard one. I liked them both, but I didn't much like the Jasmine storyline.

Justine - I hated this character.

Scott Hope - Ted was awesome (RIP)

The First Evil - I can't believe some people voted for Doyle! Why?

Parker - Douche Bag

Xander - Voting for a Dollhouse character over a Buffy one should spell out my feelings for Xander.

Gunn - I found this the hardest one and I feel guilty about it.

D'Hoffryn - I always wished Gwen had more of a reoccurring role on Angel.

The Anointed One - Really?

Sebassis - Who cares.

Kate - Never liked her character on the show.

Nina - Poor girl gets over shadowed by Buffy again. At least this time she wasn't in bed with Angel when it happened.

mbatz said...

I'll sleep on this one and vote tomorrow. But I have to ask, Michelle why the venom for S4? It has some of the Best eps. Pangs, Hush, Restless..not to mention the fun of Doomed, A New Man, Beer Bad (Buffy tired) and the awesome 2 part Faith arc. Please don't tell me it's a Riley thing:)

mbatz said...

I will say, just giving it a brief look, I'm gonna have a hard time between Gunn and Dru...

Michelle said...

Hey mbatz,

As much as I don't care for Riley, it's more the idea of Adam as villain that bothers me. If you break down Season 4, there are some goodies and I LOVE Restless, but when I think of it as a whole my mind goes to Adam/Walsh/Initiative and it was the worst idea to me. I found myself bored most of that season.

mbatz said...

Michelle, Adam is not at all my fav big bad - probably one of the worst. Over time and countless watches I've come more and more to love S4 and I rarely associate it with the nature vs science theme. For me it's all about the one and done eps and the scoobie interactions - but thanks for the explanation:)

This round was chalk once again for me. The few I picked that were losing (had less votes than their opponent-heh always weird trying to phrase this dislike stuff) were Scott Hope- Ted was a dope too so whatever, D Hoffryn instead of Gwen cause well Gwen is SO HOT:) and I went with Gunn instead of Dru cause I just loved Dru whereas Gunn could be a real jackass -That Old Gang of Mine - and most of S5. Always mouthing off as to how he'll kill if!!!

mbatz said...

I find it funny and slightly irritating that some of the MAIN characters are getting votes. Buff got 13! WTF. Ummm, the show IS called Buffy the Vampire Slayer...why even watch it??? I mean she's not up against Willow (who had some votes also), she's up against Fracking Nina. C' silly elsewhere or explain yourself trespassers!!!! I kid:) Seriously, please explain:)

Michelle said...

Agree with mbatz. Buffy's up against Nina, not one of the main characters! I am curious about the why of that, too.

Wow, and people must really hate Angel if they'd pick him over Annoying One.

heroine_tv said...

Oops! I forgot that I had already voted, and voted again (for the first few categories only). Is that a problem? Or will the poll detect it, and cancel my superfluous votes? I hate to break rules or be unfair.

Also, I am horrified that Cordelia got 17 votes. How could people hate Cordy?