Monday, March 15, 2010

End of Rd 2 - March Madness Whedonverse Character Tourney: The Worst of the Lot, Round 2

We're coming up on the end of Round 2. In case you're just joining us, so far we've weeded out the top 64 best characters which leaves us with the 64 suckiest Whedonverse characters, otherwise known as "The Worst of the Lot!" Obviously not all of these guys suck, though, as we're still in the first half of this little game.

This year, we thought we'd flip the script this time and try to find the opposite of our usual...specifically, who is the most hated character of the entire Whedonverse. We've been giving out randomized pairings of characters from Joss Whedon shows: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible and will be for the rest of the month. So if the character sucks in your eyes, vote for them.

We all have our favorite most beloved characters, but who do we most despise? A character so lame, so annoying, we just wish never existed at all. We here at Buffyfest definitely have our predictions!

In the first half of Round 1, we found out that the following people have been saved from fandom hatred:

Maggie Walsh (who barely made it to safety, but lucky for her Balthazar sucks more, apparently)
Ford (Hanks Summers sucks...daddy issues!)
Gavin Park
Riley Finn (SHOCKING! Saved by Ben)
Shepherd Book
Kendra the Vampire Slayer
Amy Madison (Oooh, hate Amy! How was she saved?)
The Beast (who was neck and neck with Warren, almost saving him at one point!)

Next up is the final part of Round 2 and has 16 matches below. It will end in 72 hrs - March 18th at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. Check out the opponents below and if you're playing, make sure to click the name you DISLIKE.

Remember, don't get confused! We're trying to find the worst of the lot if you HATE them, click away.

Click here to view the full Tournament Bracket, updated with the winners so far.

I can't stress this enough...DON'T CLICK ON YOUR FAVORITES!


heroine_tv said...

This round felt very cathartic. I especially enjoyed voting for Holtz, Connor, Kennedy, Veruca, and Parker. I love this tournament.

Michelle said...

That was pretty easy.

A few comments:
Adam is one of the worst villains ever.

Justine always annoyed with her slayer-like abilities even though she wasn't. Also, she was a major douche bag.

I really liked the Gorches. They were vampire hicks. It was fun!

Dawn never really had a chance, but against a character like Kaylee, she's really doomed.

Here's a question: What if it ends with Dawn vs. Connor? They seem to be really hated around here. Who would win out of our heroes kids?

Scar said...

I found Veruca vs the Master quite a dificult one. I hate her so much, but then the master has the added bonus of being incredibly cheesy, more like a pnto villain, so I went for him.

Crystal said...

"Here's a question: What if it ends with Dawn vs. Connor? They seem to be really hated around here. Who would win out of our heroes kids?"

LOL that is a hard one. I would vote for Connor though, he just ended up being horrible.

MisfitsTamara said...

Pretty much all the potential slayers from S7 were annoying in some way. And I'll always hate Holtz, Justine, and Sahjhan because they remind me of my least favorite parts of "Angel".

I'm picking up what this tourney's putting down...

MisfitsTamara said...

@Crystal - Dawn would probably win out because MemoryReboot!Connor was actually kinda enjoyable whereas people seem to forget the times when Dawn was actually funny or useful (none of which come to mind at the moment because I haven't gotten any sleep at all).

DivaDea said...

My super-can't-stand-them votes go to Connor and Kennedy. Looks like they're still in the running, at least at the moment.
I've grown to sort of like Dawn. Sort of. But not over Kaylee.

Tara said...

I only just got to vote now! I had a reeeaaly hard time with Holland Manners vs Harmony. I don't know why...I guess I kind of like them both? Especially bc Holland is Bernard on Lost (which has nothing to do with anything...the actor's face staring at me just confused me.)

In the end, I chose Holland.

This side of the tourney bracket is definitely the more anger inducing side...right?

Otto said...

Hate on Jasmine!! Please! It represents the worst of Angel, the series...

Kaaren said...

Had no problem voting for Veruca over the Master. Blech. No problem voting for Kennedy, Adam, Justine or Holtz either.

Had to vote for Dawn, because...come on, Kaylee?

Keep 'em coming.

elainecleo said...

So glad to see 3 of my least favorite characters are losing big time..Kennedy, Dawn and Connor.

kay ulanday barrett said...

dawn v. kaylee? dawn. oh kennedy and
carter.. so nice to vote you down.

lol@tara: i had the same problem with bernard(on lost)/holland.