Monday, February 9, 2009

Full Video of NYCC Dollhouse Panel and Day 3 recap

We started our day at the enormous line for Dollhouse. We suddenly weren't able to use our press passes to set up the cameras early like every other panel. Apparently what changed is Fox told all press that no one would get to set up early or even be able to enter the room except Fox executives. Luckily, Michelle and I, along with our camera guy Ivan, got there 2 hours early just in case something like this happened and took our place as probably 600 and 601 in line. Joss's panel was clearly the big ticket event of NYCC. This was all while Bitsy went to Amber Benson's "Writers on Writing" panel along with our unofficial 4th blogger Ryan to film it. The schedule forced us to split up, which was sad.

The crowd was obviously full of hard-core fans: Dr. Horrible
 costumes, Jayne Hats, full Browncoat regalia, a serious Vamp Willow, the whole nine yards. We met some really cool people. Oh speaking of, we met SlayAliver darthrosenberg9 once we went in the panel! The doors finally opened about an hour before the scheduled time and we sat right in front of "Darth". I guess he got a glimpse of our Buffyfest shirts and we ended up chilling during the panel. What a nice guy. In the end, our camera ended up in the best spot in the house and we have great footage of the entire panel (sans screener, of course.)

[While saying that, please take note that even though we cleared the aisle so that people could walk around the camera, the unprecedented event occurred of a blind woman with a large seeing eye dog needing to walk down that particular aisle to exit the theater about half way through the panel. So please ignore what happens in part 2 below at around the 12 minute mark. We needed to accommodate her the best we could and move the camera around for a minute.]

So the panel itself opened up with Matt Roush, Joss, and Tahmoh Penikett and, as you probably know by now, a teaser screener of Dollhouse. Buffyfest has been spoiler central this weekend, so I think it's best to keep it spoiler-free. I mean, there was a Dark Angel type motorcycle chase, Lady Gaga, and a Geisha girl...but if you want to know exactly what happened there is a lot out there right now detailing the screener scene-for-scene. Overall, I personally really liked it. Michelle wasn't so convinced about Eliza's acting AT ALL but was very intrigued by the character of Boyd. I kind of agree with Michelle regarding Eliza. She totally "Faithed" it in the first scene and the rest of it I kind of tuned her out, which didn't hurt the episode for me...but it can't be good either. The set of the Dollhouse looks beautiful, though, and reminded us both of Wolfram & Hart if it was a spa. Overall, I got a feeling of the first scene of Serenity (when River is in the school) mixed with a little Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was a vibe I didn't expect and was refreshing.

Anyway, during the panel look out for Joss's awesome answer to an aspiring writer, how big his smile gets during the extended Dr. Horrible applause, and his comments about a Dr. Horrible sequel. One very telling moment was when Joss was asked, "When are we going to see Angel in season 8 of Buffy?" Joss replied "Probably when it's the most painful" but then he said something to the effect of when Georges figures out how to draw him, he's been having some trouble. Michelle is surmising that Angel is obviously making an appearance then since what the hell else is Georges trying to perfect him for?? Hmmm. Anyway, on to the videos:

oh yeah, and that's me yelling "Buffy Movie!!" to Joss at the end. What can I say? I was under Michelle's influence.


David Mello said...

Thanks for this. I will pass the word around about this very special video coverage of Joss and Tahmoh. I just hope we get a sequel in San Francisco in a couple of weeks.

fighttorflightt said...

I was there! Me and my friend were the 30th and 31st people online, we say third row center isle seats and it was AMAZING!!! I can not wait until friday! Oh and when they were talking about Joss killing everyone I was the person that screamed "ANYA!!" :P

Anonymous said...

Haha....THAT'S AMAZING!!!! I'm mentioned! It was so much fun meeting you both! What a great place to sit down!

It was such a great panel! I can't wait to go to another one!

Tara said...

Oh of course you were mentioned, Darth...we had such a fun time with you! Please send your pics over too, if you get a chance. I'd love to see them :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Unfortunately, the third link isn't working! Please fix it.

Bitsy said...

Thanks, BethAnn, we're working on it. Should be fixed by the end of the day.

Tara said...

seems to be working now...don't know what that was about.