Saturday, February 7, 2009

NYCC Day 2 Recap and video Interview with Brian Lynch *Spoilers*

Day 2 at Comic Con was amazing! There were a lot more people which made it harder to navigate, but we have some great news to report.

The day started out with a fantastic interview with Brian Lynch. Brian sat with us for quite some time and gave us the scoop on Spike, Gunn, Drusilla and Angel. Also, some great insight into his feelings for the characters he spent time with for so long. Oh, and chock-full-o spoilers! To make matter even better, yesterday Brian passed us a copy of the final issue of Angel:After the Fall #17 (it practically glowed when he gave it to us).We read it, it's fantastic, and part 2 of our interview with Brian where we discuss the issue will be up on Wednesday, it's release day.

Before our next interview with Scott Allie, we headed over to the packed Robot Chicken Panel where Seth Green struck a sexy pose and made everyone laugh a bunch of times.

Scott Allie talked Buffy: Season 8 and more with us. It was a great interview amongst the chaos of the con around us. Scott is such a seasoned professional and he was very nice to take the time out of his packed Comic Con schedule. We'll be posting the full video of that tomorrow.

Lastly, the one who makes Buffy look and feel like Buffy, Georges Jeanty. Our interview with Georges was so fun and really showed us what passion he has for the characters of Buffy. We took some questions from Slayalivers wenxina, iloveromy, and Trey for Georges as well. Expect the video of that soon.

Here's the first part of the interview with Brian Lynch. Please be warned there are spoilers galore in here. Again, look out for the second part of the interview on Wednesday, which is all about Angel:ATF issue #17.

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