Thursday, September 24, 2009

*UPDATE* Recap: Dr Horrible Sing-Along and Joss Whedon Q&A

Earlier today, 826NYC posted an important message from Joss and Ira Glass along with the full audio of Monday's Dr. Horrible screening here in New York. In an effort to benefit this important non-profit, we're temporarily taking down our recap and asking that everyone head on over to to donate any amount you can. In exchange you'll get a shiny download of the full interview and the deepest gratitude of Joss, Ira, and everyone here at Buffyfest.

Also, we spoke to Sarah Pollock of 826NYC who addressed some of the Q&A issues brought up in our comments section. She said:

"Special Guests" was posted waaaay before we realized that maybe all these television stars would be at the Emmy's, which was held the night before, and was something Joss had to skip to come out to do this event. Which was sorta the same situation for the Q&A - we were under the impression early on that we would do a panel Q&A with the audience but then it got changed. I guess we should have updated the website, but we're just a staff of 5 (non-superheroes) so sometimes things slip through the cracks. Sorry if anyone was extra disappointed!

As we said to her, the night was still extra special without those details!

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Littlealbatross said...

Thank you for the update !
And also for the shiny bookmark I got on Monday night :)