Monday, September 7, 2009

Video from Dragon Con Panel

Just ran a search on You Tube and, behold, some video of the panel with Julie Benz, Kristy Swanson (I know, OMG), Charisma Carpenter, James "Smarmy" Marsters (that's my little pet name for him). It's admittedly low quality but you can hear a few of the questions that were asked. It's very sweet and Kirsty Swanson was there! I mean, seriously!

Update: Felicia Day Q&A! It's almost like you're there! Except not at all! Oh, just watch the video.

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Harvin said...

I live 2 hours away from ATL in upstate South Carolina. As a noobie Whedon fan, I didn't feel up to going alone after friends backed out on our roadtrip scheme. Now, I need no further proof that I am an idiot for missing this!