Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness Whedonverse Character Tournament - The Worst of the Lot

One year ago we challenged the fandom to a lethal tourney. The goal? Find out the fan favorite character of the entire Whedonverse. Buffy reigned champ there, by the way, followed EXTREMELY closely by Spikey-poo.With that behind us (along with a heated Favorite Episode Tourney 6 months later), we thought we'd flip the script this time and try to find the opposite....the most hated character of them all. And so we give you March Madness: The Worst of the Lot.

Well, we all have our favorite most beloved characters, but who do we most despise? A character so lame, so annoying, we just wish never existed at all. We here at Buffyfest definitely have our predictions, but at the end of this ambitious month long journey, we'll know for sure. So, over the next 4 weeks we will give out computer-generated randomized pairings of characters from Joss Whedon shows: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse.

Let the games begin! Today is part 1 of round 1 and has 16 matches. It will end in 72 hrs - March 3rd at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. See the pairings below and if you're playing, make sure to click the name you DISLIKE. Remember, we're trying to find the worst of the lot if they annoy you, click away.

Click here to view the full Tournament Bracket.


Steph said...

I can't wait to see where this one goes! The possibilities! :)

elainecleo said...

You left out the one I could not stand..Kennedy

A Synchronistic Catalyst said...

I hate Kennedy too!

Counterpunch said...

where's Kennedy and whiny Dawn?

Sarah said...

Kennedy and Dawn definitely the worst. >_<

arranee said...

Great idea! But I also miss Kennedy (and Dawn)...Kennedy would surely win this tournament ;)

Tara said...

Don't worry guys, both Dawn and Kennedy (along with Warren and every other tool) will be in the next rounds. It's all in the full bracket linked in the post, if you want to take a peek ahead :)

mbatz said...

I'm sure that asshat Parker is somewhere, right? He's my early pick to win it all. My other predictions, Ford or Quentin-both idiots. My personal most hated -besides Parker- is the Groosalugg. What a whipped wuss:)

mbatz said...

And I never liked Shepard Book and his fortune cookie platitudes:)

Michelle said...

This was so weird! I kept wanting to vote for the person I liked better. Anyway, here's my list of those I hate:

Maggie Walsh
Hank Summers
Potential Rona (I liked Wesley's girl!)
Groo (But only because I loved to hate Lindsey
Kathy Newman
Topher (I picked him because from what I remember, he was an unrepentant douche in Season One)
Riley Finn
Skip (I loved Willy the Snitch)
Der Kinderstad

Tinamarie said...

choosing between jenny and shepard wasn't fun. i love these tourneys, the bf and i look fwd to them ;)

Nat said...

Love this tournament, sad I missed the fave character one. Will have to bring out the hate for this one!!

mbatz said...

Heh. I forgot all about Connor. Ahhh, so much to hate:)

Zacki said...

It was impossible to choose between Boyd and Topher. I like both characters. I just had to close my eyes and pick one. Neither character is annoying or lame. Hopefully the one that goes through will be knocked out in the next round.

Aerliss said...

"Who is worse, Jenny Calendar or Shepard Book?"

I... think I'll just step away from that one.