Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Madness Whedonverse Character Tourney Pt 4 - The Worst of the Lot

You're just in time to join the fun of March Madness - it's the final part of Round 1! We've changed things up this year and are trying to find find the opposite of our usual...specifically, who is the most hated character of the entire Whedonverse, i.e., The Worst of the Lot. We've been giving out randomized pairings of characters from Joss Whedon shows: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible and will be for the rest of the month. If the character sucks in your eyes, vote for them.

In part 3, we found out that the following people have been saved from fandom hatred:

Knox (I don't know how...people must REALLY hate Adam.)
The Oracles
Glory's Minions (love them)
Scott Hope (Ted's more evil!)
D'Hoffryn (Poor Electric Gwen...why the hate?)

Next up is part 4 (the final part of round 1) and has 16 matches below. It will end in 72 hrs - March 12th at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. Check out the opponents below and if you're playing, make sure to click the name you DISLIKE.

Remember, don't get confused! We're trying to find the worst of the lot if you HATE them, click away. Don't click on your faves.

Click here to view the full Tournament Bracket, updated with the winners so far.


Alf * Alfie said...

Loving this so much. It's getting more and more exciting!!

heroine_tv said...

The hardest choice this round was Faith vs. Kaylee. In the end, I had to vote for Faith.

natalieann said...

Ah, I agree, Alf! And, heroine, I voted for Kaylee because Faith redeems herself!

Also, I liked when Electric Gwen made Angel's heart beat! So, bummed she wasn't safe. A little bummed Ballard was more hated too! Adelle and Xander were a tough choice for me--I LOVELOVELOVE Adelle, but alas, I GUESS Xandar is the more loveable of the two.

As for this round--I'm shocked anyone would pick November aaand. That Sid the Dummy and Holz are so close!! If Holz doesn't get picked as being more hated than him I will be very surprised...

Sorry this is so long-winded... I'm having a lot of fun! The end. LoL.

Scar said...

Concerning Connor and Dawn, I hated them the first time round but after watching things more than once I actially came to like the charactors. Which is a shame 'cos I know how everyone else feels about them, I imagine they will go far in this tournament.

DivaDea said...

Seriously? Faith or Kaylee? I love them both so much. Also like the Mayor and the gentlemen quite a lot. This is quality entertainment.

mbatz said...

Again, mostly chalk. My exceptions - Gorch over Devon (I loved the Dev man 'That's just like, fruity jazz bands":) - November over Marcus (never liked her (worthless) and hey, at least Marcus nailed Harmony:) - Kaylee over Faith (tough call, but you know, it's Faith and all her complexities) - and Forrest over Numero Cinco (surprised Forrest has less votes) Oh and finally the Cheeseman over Dawn ( I LOVED DAWNY, she was a great little sis) and come on, I know their exists much hate but the f-ing cheeseman was in like 30 seconds of 1 ep. Lastly let me just say go Connor or as I call him 'Sir Suck A Lot) all the way to the final!

arranee said...

This wasn't as hard as last round.
At least not for me thanks to Connor, Dawn and Kennedy (btw. I can't believe some people voted Dalton over's Kennedy! Worst thing about Season7) And whoever doesn't vote Dawn probably never had an annoying whiny tattletale kid sister. Never liked her, never will, even worse than my kid sister though I thought that was impossible for a long time. And come on - the Cheeseman is the best (max.) 1 minute screentime character ever =) "I wear the cheese, it does not wear me" ROFL

Gorch bros. - whatever couldn't even remember them

Ubervamps are kinda cool but I love Clem way more

November because this whole Ballard-Mellie on/off thing-she's an active-she's released-or maybe not?-crap was so annoying

Connor, Dominic, Kennedy, Veruca, the First Slayer, Harm (she's eve worse than Cordy whom I really dislike), Enyos, Kaylee, Dawn and Forrest were easy.

Personally I liked Holland and really felt bad when he died. I just like Darla a tiny bit more. I also liked Holtz...he was so creepy and the reason we got to see a lot of cool Angelus flashbacks.

Only the Gentlemen vs. the Mayor is nearly impossible to decide :(

Anonymous said...

(awww! My blog caputured the spoilerfic headline of a new post after this one and now it's gone).


Kaaren @ work

Elin said...

oh. this is so much fun. lotsa though choices.

a bit sick of all the Dawn hate though. not that it was'nt expected. i personally did have a very annoing little sister but i still really like Dawn & will never understand the hatered.

i also like Connor. he's got way more spunk than daddy!