Friday, March 5, 2010

Newsies: March Madness Edition

So madness has really hit the 'verse this March so far! Let's do a Friday wrap up:

Spoilers below for Buffy S.8

Brad Meltzer talks to CBR about his Buffy Season 8 arc, Twangel and the whole of #33 (aka, the issue that made the entire fandom check in to the Crazypants Hotel.)

NPH's appearance on Glee will definitely be the Whedon directed ep, it's confirmed! Oh Billy Buddy, buckle're in the Whedonverse for good now! More deets and spoilers over at EW.

James Marsters does Caprica tonight! BLONDIE BEAR!! SyFy, 9/8c pm, be there.

And just to solidify this week's crazypantsiness, we give you a repeat performance of the only Twangel vid in existence. Have a good weekend!:

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mbatz said...

Angel...lucky basterd cause Buffy is all kinds of awesome:)